TRSL Distinguished
Visitors’ Book

mobile application

1 Project Information

Mobile application was developed under order of the Tyumen Regional Scientific Library. Well-known cultural figures and government officials regularly attend this organization. This project was intended to create a convenient tool for collecting, accumulating and automatically publishing reviews of honored visitors of the library in the Internet.

The application implements the ability to use the stylus to enter handwritten text on the review page. This allows emphasizing the individuality and value of each page in the Visitors’ Book, and also gives space for the author’s imagination.

2 Style

Styling of the application screens is implemented by analogy to the print medium. Book pages are made with an emphasis on antiquity, and decorated with ornaments. Page turning process is animated by analogy to a real book, which begins with the cover. Table of contents ensures convenient navigation between reviews of visitors.

3 Features

The system consists of a mobile application, server side, and website. Each distinguished visitor of the library is offered to take his/her picture, and leave a handwritten review. To ensure the uniqueness of each page, the photo made rotates and moves on the page in a range preset by the system administrator. All created reviews are synchronized with the system server as soon as a connection with it establishes. Depending on the system settings, they are pre-moderated or automatically published on the website.

The project has been implemented in 1.5 months by a team of a project manager, web programmer, Android programmer, and graphic designer. The project has the following interesting technical features: change accumulation system until the moment of establishing communication with the server, operations with the camera, stylus, as well as switching the device over to a kiosk mode.

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