Control and
monitoring unit



The control and monitoring unit ID-01 is a universal device which intended for use in automated control systems (ACS). ID-01 is made on a printed circuit board installed in special constructive.

This device is a proprietary product of our company.

Device capabilities:


The processor allows you to use the Linux operating system


External interfaces:

- Ethernet port 10/100
- MicroSD card port


16 input / output ports of discrete signals with the ability to configure each port. All lines are galvanically isolated


An amplified output port for discrete signals with galvanic isolation


2 connecting LED indication ports with galvanic isolation


2 connecting device ports with 1-Wire interface with galvanic isolation


2 connecting devices ports with RS-485 interface with galvanic isolation


Line or microphone audio input and line audio output


1 port for connecting devices with RS-232 interface


1 port for connecting devices with a USB interface


Power supply can be carried out with a wide range of supply voltages from 9 to 36V DC


Installation is carried out on a standard or increased DIN rail

An audio interface for connect both a sound source and an external audio system
Complex local systems of the Internet of things based on verbal communication with a person (both using external cloud systems of artificial intelligence and neural networks and using neural network usb modules)
Use in technological processes associated with interaction with the operator

The presence of a large number of interfaces: Discrete inputs / outputs, serial buses RS-232/485/1-Wire, Ethernet, MicroSD drive

The operating temperature range is from -40 to 70 degrees, which allows the controller to be operated in various harsh conditions.

Possible cases

Small boiler rooms

Alerting systems

ACS systems

Vending machines

Greenhouse farms

Small automation

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