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01 Project Information

Web portal for young girls who like to spend their free time doing sewing. Users can purchase electronic content, such as patterns and educational courses, which are independently developed and published by the customer.

02 Main Page

03 Purchase

The purchase process is implemented in accordance with the individual requirements of the customer and the features of the content distributed on the web portal. While working on the project, integration with payment systems Yandex.Kassa, Paypal was made; furthermore, there was integration with the Atol fiscal data operator in order to comply with the federal legislation requirements. Additional protection mechanisms have been developed against the illegal distribution of obtained content: generated links with a link to your personal account, and DRM video protection.

04 Personal Account

First of all, Vikisews is a community of people interested in sewing, therefore, during implementation of the project, a special emphasis was placed on creating a common space for communication with the prospect of its constant improvement and increased user involvement. Sections in the personal account make it easily find purchased content, and receive operational assistance in its use from the website administration. To check the user’s phone number, each personal account is integrated with the SMSC service.

05 Training

This web portal has integrated flexible mechanism for creating and completing training courses, which allows creating educational programs of various complexity, managing the order of lessons, and handing in homeworks. Communication with like-minded people is carried out in the built-in commenting system within each lesson. This allows accumulating interesting content for the community, and shaping additional value for users. As a result of training, a vote for the best work and selection of the winner may take place. Qualified mentors use a specially designed personal account to communicate with users, which increases the efficiency of answering users’ questions.

06 Mailings

During the project implementation, more than 10 different versions of individual e-mail letters have been created, emphasizing the web portal general style and increasing user loyalty. Integration with the MailGun service was implemented to increase the reliability of e-mail delivery, which allowed us to successfully deliver more than 99% of letters.

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