Integrated Emergency Public
Alerting System

Automated System

Project Information

The project to create a set of warning equipment has been implemented by our company since 2014 under order of MASKOM-Instroy, LLC. This project is aimed to develop hardware and software of the population emergency alerting system, and certify it in accordance with the requirements of the Russian Federation legislation. Solution of the assigned task requires participation of a multi-purpose team of professionals with various competencies: project manager, circuit designer, engineer, server/client/mobile application developers, and designer. At the moment, the system has been implemented at the regional level. Software functionality and equipment stock are currently being updated and enhanced. Fault-tolerant architecture providing automatic data synchronization between the system servers, and supporting any of them in case of failure is a distinctive feature of the system.


The alerting system hardware includes the following devices:
  • Warning Start Unit (output – electromechanical siren)
  • Warning Start Unit (output – horn loudspeakers)
  • Audio/Video Broadcast Interception Unit
  • Monitoring and Control Unit
  • Universal Modular Communication Unit
  • Analog Line Selection Switch
  • Warning Control Processor Module
  • Electromechanical Siren Motor Starter
  • Analog Line Modem

Operator Application

Automated workstation of the alerting system operator is provided with a desktop application. Information on the status of warning devices, warning zones, borders of settlements, places of emergencies is displayed on an interactive map with the ability to enable and disable various layers on it. Operator can interact with single terminal devices and their groups as follows: start, stop, configure the warning method. A quick start of warning is possible by means of pre-configured alert scripts in the system. It is possible to configure automated and automatic start in case of rapidly developing emergencies. The access rights differentiation system allows flexible configuration of the list of objects available to the user for viewing and interactive communication.

Mobile Clients

The complex software includes both the head’s mobile client and citizen’s mobile client. Applications are available for Android and iOS operating systems. The head’s mobile client allows launching the alerting system via secure link. The citizen’s mobile client allows receiving notifications about emergencies and contains a knowledge bank about actions in case of various types of emergencies.

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